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Sandra Gabby C.

"Starting my junior year of high school, my body was wrecked. The years of athletics really took a tole on my body ranging from my ankles, legs and knees to my wrists, back and shoulders. I went to chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, everything you can imagine to stay healthy. Then I was introduced to hot yoga at HYI. Initially, the idea of hot yoga sounded like a lot of fun. It was something I can do once in a while, post cool pictures on social media, and have cute outfits. I had no idea how beneficial it would be for my body. After starting hot yoga, there has been a tremendous difference in my physical health. The best way I can describe it is feeling rejuvenated. I have been practicing hot yoga for about a year now and I will never stop. My practice at HYI has made me a better and healthier athlete. Along with being physically healthier, you become mentally and emotionally stronger as well; the art of yoga is designed to do so. However, HYI exemplifies this to a greater standard. They provide an endearing and comforting environment that is undeniable. When you walk through the HYI doors there’s an ora of good tidings and happiness. The instructors are incredible at their practice and some of the kindest and most genuine people I know. The other yogis, they are caring and strive for your success as much as their own. HYI is a wonderful place, and I am so grateful to be apart of the beautiful community that creates it."



Tania C.

This past summer, I joined Hot Yoga Infusion (HYI) and have loved it since walking in the front door! There are numerous classes to select from, each trainer having a specific format. Every class I have taken has been awesome! My most favorite is Sunday morning Hot Yoga with Paula.  I very much look forward to Sundays at HYI and Paula’s 90 minutes of Hot Yoga instruction. She is always positive and she encourages everyone in class. She is knowledgeable and knows how to spot when someone needs a modification. Some of my harder weeks have been immediately erased by attending her class on Sunday. It’s a great way to end the week and start a new one! It is extremely energizing.

I have gained so much knowledge, strength and confidence since coming to HYI; it has rounded out my overall fitness and conditioning, adding to my goals for balance and stability that I desire. 

Because of the enjoyment I have experienced at HYI and my talking about it, a few friends have also joined and they enjoy it as well! HYI is a community that strengthens relationships, encourages growth, and promotes motivation. That is HYI!



Isabel E.

My name is Isabel Esquibel, mama bear to some.  Jodie is my daughter.  When she opened the studio she asked me to go, in her words "I need bodies".  So being the awesome mom I'm I started my Hot Yoga Infusion journey.  I had never been to any kind of gym or exercise program.  Needless to say hYi has changed my life. From losing 35 pounds and keeping it off.  Learning my inner strengths and peace of mind. Knowing I can learn to push myself and my body is such a joy. Being apart of the hYi  family has brought so many great changes. The friends I have made and all the people whom I have met are all apart of the special hYi community. Hot Yoga Infusion has always been a place where you feel at home. The teachers are ALL  in one word AWESOME!!!!   They truly care .  


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Becky S.

"I’ve been attending classes at hYi for about 4 years and I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy my time there. The atmosphere is relaxed, the studio is very clean and there are a variety of classes and instructors, each one bringing their individual expertise. They have several yoga and strength classes to choose from every day so you’re sure to be able to find one that fits your schedule. But I’d have to say my favorite part of hYi is the people, the instructors make a point to get to know everyone and make them feel comfortable no matter what level they are at which decreases the stress level and produces a very friendly environment."



Jayme N.

 "I've been coming since hyi opened in 2013, I've been to every gym in Albuquerque over the past 35 years and this is by far the best, most productive all around exercise I have ever done. It has literally changed my body and how I view Exercising forever. I love love love my people! Thank you so much to Keith and his crew!"



Elizabeth S.

Yoga is your road to healing sports injuries as well as giving focus to a stressful day or days.  After dealing with a chronic injury to my IT band and suffering daily with back and hip pain I tried yoga.  This has been far more effective than just physical therapy alone.  In fact any therapist worth their salt will encourage yoga as a way of life to avoid injury.  The HYI studio literally has given me more flexibility to do the activities I enjoy without PAIN.  Whether you are dealing with an injury or not this is a sanctuary you should have in your life.


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