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Infused yoga + fitness is more than a yoga studio. In fact, it’s more than just a gym - it’s a community centered around a healthy lifestyle and the success of its members.  Infused Yoga + Fitness is unique in that its members have access to some of the best hot yoga instruction in Albuquerque, but also to a variety of levels of high intensity interval

training - all under one roof!

Whether you’re taking the first step in your fitness journey, or you’ve already completed your first Ironman, we can offer a unique environment that is sure to up your game.


Fitness that fits your schedule. 

Challenge yourself to be the best you, without having

to challenge yourself to make time to workout.


What you can expect at Infused Yoga + Fitness:
- A modern yoga/fitness studio with a fun, laid back atmosphere.
- A unique approach with different modalities to work toward functional fitness.
- A belief in improved body composition, and a stronger mind.

- A committed, welcoming community of instructors and members.
- A unique and multifaceted approach to fitness, with an emphasis on Hot Yoga.

- State of the art fitness programs including Alpha Strong HIIT and TRX classes.

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12501 Candelaria Suite H

Albuquerque, NM 87112

(505) 323-1548

MON-FRI 5:30am - 9pm

SATURDAY 9am-11pm

SUNDAY 9am - 7pm

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