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Yoga has survived the times as an ancient practice of meditation

and path to reach the bodies enlightenment.

In the present time, with the introduction of new sciences and studies, yoga's true

benefits have not only been achieved, but are far more extensive that ever imagined.

One of these benefits that we focus on at HYi studio is Hot Yoga.

Our HYi Studio is heated with FAR infrared heat. The Heat is an added benefit

found to help detoxify the body.

FAR infrared radiates a detoxifying heat that helps provide therapeutic benefits to

expel toxins and pollutants from the body.

Additional benefits from FAR Infrared heat can range from improved

cardiovascular health, expedite the healing process in soft tissue injuries & enhance

and smooth skin. It even helps reduce pore size.

FAR Infrared heat has also been attribute as a more natural option to

helping treat arthritis aches and pains.

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