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So you've heard people

talking about these Steel Mace classes.

Maybe you've seen it on social media. Maybe it's a little scary for

you to jump into a a class with this medieval looking weapon.

Here's your chance to learn from one of the best the skills you need to

brandish your own mace.

You will be a pro in any class, you will be able too perfect the moves you

learned in class at home, or put together your own flow. If you have only ever

done yoga or you are a HIIT pro, this workshop is for you.


This Workshop will provide everything you need to hit the ground flowing.


Here’s what you get.

- 3hrs of mace training with Leo Urquides
-Your very own mace to take home

-Leo Urquides is known as one of the premier steel mace coaches in the world. 

We are proud to have him here at hYi Studio sharing his knowledge and love of the mace.

Don't miss out, SIGN UP TODAY!

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