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Born and raised in Albuquerque Kady grew up dancing.  She began her Yoga practice in 2004 at the age of 17 while attending UNM.  Inspired by her instructor Kady continued her practice and attended as many classes as she could.  She moved to San Diego to attend the Interior Design Institute and discovered an incredible Hatha Yoga based school.   She received her 200RYT while attending YogaWell in San Diego, CA in 2012.  Kady emerged herself in all available workshops focusing on Prenatal Yoga, Mysore, Yoga for Cancer Patients, Laughter Yoga, Yoga for the Spine, and finally discovered Anusara Yoga and really grasped the Universal Principles of Alignment.

Kady’s classes focus on endurance, elongation, alignment, pranayama and energy.  Each class begins with setting an intention which you are encouraged to revisit throughout your practice.  Classes further focus on releasing tension and creating and distributing healthy energy into the muscles, joints, bones, bloodstream and organs.  The class atmosphere is set with calming music and aroma’s engaging all of the senses.  

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